Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pimp game, or just luck?

When the teacher wasn't in class, free time was what we had..

Now before there were any girls, just music and the occasional porn vid was playing on our computers. We played games and ate in class, which produced probably more comfort and work than if the teacher was there.

But when the girls came in, the one computer flooded with porn and music was mine. It was odd because the only time I ever looked at porn was when I was bored. And when I was bored, it was because the teacher was there. So when the girls were there, they needed a seat. So each girl sat rodeo style on each leg, one scratching my knee (Which is where I'm ticklish.. No shit)

At one time, only one girl was there, so full rights to my lap was hers. Not to mention she sat legs open, leaning back. So I don't know, I feel that it was just luck..

Oh, and she had 5 black dudes before she came into my class.