Friday, August 27, 2010

Stories of mine: First day in Job Corp

I remember the first day I stayed ate Job Corps. The second I got there, everyone called us new-butties. Yes, I was aware of the term before I got there, and knew I was going to go under that status..

So first we got our uniforms (Blue shirts, black pants), and shit. Besides the classes and the 2nd rate cafeteria food, everything was cool. I've met too many lesbians and no shortage of gay guys. As for the dorms it was cool.. Until someone had sex outside of my dorm room..

The thing was I didn't fap, but I wasn't so sure about my roommate. I was pretty sure he was fapping, no doubt about.. Maybe it was because he was staring my dead in the eyes, in the dark not breathing..

Shit was not cool..


  1. Welcome.

  2. wow... maybe you can relate